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Aubel Marcel
 Rolling Stock ís Operations 
Update of the page 06/01/2011
France and World Missions
 A large experience
  • In charge for development of industrial hybrid vehicles
  • Mission in Malaysia and un Egypt for consulting offices: concepts check and design for Light repair and overhaul Workshop
  • CME-Responsable of Motive Power and Rolling Stock Department - Chemins de fer de Provence (CP) France
  • In charge of studies for upgrading "La Rhune" 's Railway-France
  • Senior Expert for Rolling Stock in east part Germany
  •  Domain of Competencies

    Rolling Stock Rebuild in progress
  • Designer, following through fabrication, placing in service, after sale service, all type rolling stock rebuild
  • Techniques necessary for maintenance engineering: mechanic and electromechanical, design of light repair and overhaul workshop
  • Staff supervision and human resources management
  • Work scientific management
  • Purchasing department management
  • Relationship with foreign business partners

  • Rolling Stock Maintenance

    Gec Alsthom Locomotives Rebuild

    Result of the Rebuild
  • Foreign languages: English, German : standard use French mother tongue
  • Technical and linguistic validation of documents intended for answers to invitation to tender written by foreign manufacturers towards France (ADtranz Sweden and Germany).

  • Vocational informations
    Affiliated with a grouping of consultants ensuring commercial management and the invoicing

    Partners and Customers
    Egypt, France, Germany, Malaysia, Sweden, Turkey, Uganda

    For contact me
    Postal mail  6 rue de la gare 68380 Metzeral - France

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